The Ultimate Companion for Blackmagic Cameras


Your camera at your fingertips

Want to control your Blackmagic camera remotely in a simple way ? The Litty remote is there for you ! Let it connect to your camera through Bluetooth, and custom map the buttons and rotary knob using the iOS app.


Optimized engineering

The remote communicates with the camera using its integrated Bluetooth Low Energy chip. By adopting a minimalist approach throughout the whole design stage we've managed to make the remote so tiny that it weighs only 28g (1oz) and 9.5x2 cm (3.5x0.8 inch)

*External 5-12V power required



  • What's Litty ?
    A tiny little remote that allow you to operate your camera remotely. For instance when your camera is fixed in a difficult to reach location (crane, top down view...) or when you just want to move the controls away from the camera.
  • Which cameras are compatible with Litty ?
    For now, Litty is compatible with many Blackmagic Design cameras : Ursa Mini Pro G1 / G2, Pocket Cinema Camera 4K / 6K and Ursa Broadcast.
  • When will Litty be available ?
    For the moment we only built a few working prototype units, but we plan to move to a bigger production, so feel free to drop us your email above so we can let you know of further updates !
  • How much does Litty cost ?
    Pricing will be announced shortly.
  • How long does the battery last ?
    In its current revision, the Litty does not have any internal battery to make it as small as possible : it has to be powered through 5V USB or 12V power.

Watch the video.